When you want to add a new language, you can take the current
language file like "core_en_english_gb.php".

Copy and paste the new file inside this folder (languages/)

Naming convention:
- fix beginning with "core"
- seperator with underscore "_"
- 2 digits with country code (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes)
- seperator with underscore "_"
- name of the language; do NOT translate the name in english, use the native name instead!
- seperator with underscore "_"
- code of the country flag (libs/flags/) - without file extension
- file extension ".php"

Translate the textes to the wished language inside your copied file.
Be sure, you are using encoding UTF-8 (without BOM!).

Send the translated file to admin@ts-n.net
We will implement it with the next release!

Thx for all who supports this project!!!
We will honor you and name you on the info page.