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Network Problems the last day...

Geschrieben von Newcomer1989 am 08.09.14 um 20:51 Uhr • Artikel lesen

The last days we had many problems with the network connection. In effect this, it was temporarily not possible to connect to our services (teamspeak, homepage etc.) or there was a high packet loss.

The Problems weren't the blame of our hoster or on us. We were affected by DDoS attacks. With DDoS the attackers send special network packets or spams so many packets, that the network and/or the server gets overstrained.

That person, which do this are weak equipped at their brain. At least they haven't understood for what the internet is for.


But the good news to the end. We changed our hoster; now we are by the leading hoster in Europe. They have a special DDoS protection, that we should be safe against this. It shouldn't need more than 2 minutes till a DDoS Attack was identified and get blocked. The most attacks you will not sense.

For you shouldn't change anything. All data where migrate to the new server. Only the IP address changed with this, but if you use one of our domains, you haven't to do anything.

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