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TeamSpeak 3 Channel-Request

TS3 channel requirements
→ minimum 2 active User
→ the Channel should be used continuous

TS3 channel reception
→ a permanent Channel on our Public Server
24/7 accessibility / ~99,9 % Uptime
→ full Admin Rights for this Channel
unlimited Sub-Channel (unused Channel will deleted automatically)
FTP-Function about the File-Browser in Channel
unlimited Traffic; voice traffic and data transfer
→ no restriction; voice traffic and data transfer
Channelicons (predefined choice)
→ a customizable TS-Viewer for this Channelarea;
     for embedding on your homepage or bulletin board
→ free Support for questions round about TeamSpeak 3

TS3 channel free

Your (nick)name:

¹ Can subsequently be changed in TeamSpeak.

² After submitting the request we will check it. Normally this happens on the same day!