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TS-N Style is a TeamSpeak 3 Style, which was created by TS-N.NET self.

This TeamSpeak Style lean against the design on our homepage and therewith the basic colours of TS-N.NET.
TS-N Style
Version: 309
added: 2010-05-29
last change: 2013-01-02

With the Channeldeleter it is possible to delete automatically unused Channel on a TeamSpeak 3 Server.

Therefore will the activity of the channel be monitored. If a channel has not been used for a specified time, it will be automatically deleted from the server.
Of course, exceptions can be defined, which can be specified in a list or even entire channel groups take place, such as so-called spacer channel.
Be likely particular interest for public server or channel hoster, that through a sortable list and put an icon on the respective channel, it is possible to point to upcoming deletions.

An installation guide you'll find here
Version: 2.01-beta
added: 2013-03-30
last change: 2014-06-09