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We organized our public TS3 server with a special channel order/tree. With this it is possible to hide the most other channel (see preview below).

You need to do the following 7 steps only once a time!


Our Tip for a good Subscription

(focus the scrollbar to see the different)

before after
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How can i hide other Channel?

1. Toggle your Subscribe Mode to "Subscribe selected" (the eye must be grey).

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2. Click here and choose the servergroup "".


3. Collapse all Channel by right click on the server name.

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4. Then expand manual the channel(s) you want to subscribe. For example here a perm. Channel:

Expand:    PERM. CHANNEL ◄▐     then    ■■■■■■■■■■ AREA 00 ■■■■■■■■■■    then     00│Testzone

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5. Subscribe now your Channel-Area with a right click on your channel and choose "Subscribe to Channel Family".

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6. Go to the menu of the TS3 Client -> "Tools" -> "Options" and there on "Application". Choose there the option "Subscribe to current and previously subscribed channels" and apply this.

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7. After it switch to "Design" and select there the option "Expand own channel on login" and apply this also.

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All is done :)


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