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TeamSpeak 3 Channel-Request

TS3 channel requirements
→ minimum 2 active User
→ the Channel should be used continuous

TS3 channel reception
→ a permanent Channel on our Public Server
24/7 accessibility / ~99,9 % Uptime
→ full Admin Rights for this Channel
unlimited Sub-Channel (unused Channel will deleted automatically)
FTP-Function about the File-Browser in Channel
unlimited Traffic; voice traffic and data transfer
→ no restriction; voice traffic and data transfer
Channelicons (predefined choice)
→ a customizable TS-Viewer for this Channelarea;
     for embedding on your homepage or bulletin board
→ free Support for questions round about TeamSpeak 3

TS3 channel free

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Password (required):
  I have read the privacy rules. I agree that my data will be stored for the purpose of responding to my request.

After requesting your channel it need to be approved from us. Normally this happens on the same day!