TeamSpeak Sponsoring Newcomer1989 deen

§ 01 TS-N.NET sponsors TeamSpeak 3 channel and under the FAQ by even entire server. The sponsored TeamSpeak 3 channel or server remain at any time the property of TS-N.NET.
§ 02 It is groups with at least 10 persons possible to apply for permanent TeamSpeak 3 channel. Temporary TeamSpeak 3 channel can be created by anyone.
§ 03 TeamSpeak 3 server will be awarded preferentially to holders of a permanent channel on our TeamSpeak 3 public server. If there are no users who meet the requirements here, the server is outsourced.
§ 04 All permissions, which are available to you in TeamSpeak 3, are basically allowed to use. Here are generally customaray rules, which should be obvious to everyone and are not seperately to mention here.
§ 05 It is not permitted by our sponsored channel or server to relay or sublet it. Neither with fee or free of charge!
§ 06 Since TeamSpeak 3 it is possible to exchange data via TeamSpeak (similar to FTP). It may not be transferred here illegal content. Should this happens, we distance ourselves from any responsibility for this. However, when we obtain knowlegde thereof, we will be forced to initiate remedial action (see also § 10 sentence 3). We ask you to allow larger files not too long lie on the TeamSpeak 3 channel, as these restrict our and therefore your space.
§ 07 We reserver the right to decline any application for a TeamSpeak 3 channel or TeamSpeak 3 server with no further explanation.
§ 08 Furthermore, we reserve the right to withdraw the award of TeamSpeak 3 channel or TeamSpeak 3 server at any time, without time limit and without giving reasons. If one of our sponsored TeamSpeak 3 channel or TeamSpeak 3 server are underused, we will close or reassigned the TeamSpeak 3 channel respectively TeamSpeak 3 server.
§ 09 All decicions which are taken by TS-N.NET members, are in the discretion for each! TS-N.NET reserves the right in individual cases to deviate from the listed rules here. If, however, taken by a member of TS-N.NET a decision, this is without accepting resist talkting about.
§ 10 Included using our TeamSpeak 3 channel or TeamSpeak 3 server, you automatically agrees the fulfillment of those rules. On failure to comply this rules we will take consequences. We retain on rights violations to take legal action!
  last change | 2010-11-16