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TeamSpeak 3 Server

You are searching for a ts server sponsor? Then you are right here! We are a TeamSpeak Sponsor, which offers free TeamSpeak 3 server. At this we place great emphasis on stable servers and high availability!

TS3 server requirements
→ minimum 40 active user
→ the server should be used daily

TS3 server receipt
→ a permanent TeamSpeak 3 Server
24/7 accessibility / ~99,9 % Uptime
→ full Server-Admin Permissions
no Advertisement (free choosable Server-Banner, no Ad-Messages)

FTP-Function about the File-Browser in Channel
unlimited Traffic; voice traffic and data transfer
→ no restriction; voice traffic and data transfer
→ unlimited Channel/ Sub-Channel
→ unlimited Server- and Channelgroups
→ unlimited Icons possible (Server, Channel, Groups and Clients)

→ a customizable TS-Viewer
→ access to a Webinterface to control the server
JTS3ServerMod (Bot) Hosting inclusive (mehr Informationen)
→ free support for questions round about TeamSpeak 3

TS3 server free

Currently are no TeamSpeak 3 Server available!!!

Alternate: Request a permanent Channel on our public Server.

Once again TeamSpeak3 servers are available, a form will appear at this point, with which it is possible to apply for the free TeamSpeak 3 Server.
If this happens the application form will be there for at least 24 hours, that with a daily attendance you will guarantee don't miss a free TeamSpeak 3 Server.